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My excellent blog 0059
Tuesday, 9 July 2019
10 Great ##### Public Speakers

The 'About Us' page is an essential part of any website. It is in fact among the most gone to pages of any and every website. Consider it - if you want to find out about an organisation, business or individual , it is most likely the first page you search their website.


For that reason, one of the first impressions you can make on a prospective consumer is from your 'About Us' page. Luckily, this is great news for everyone, specifically because it is one of the best pages on your website for you to truly customise and get imaginative with.

We have actually all seen great 'About Us' pages, and we've all seen bad ones similarly. For that reason, the initial question here is: What really makes an excellent 'About Us' page?

Be Unique

First of all, we definitely believe it ought to be unforgettable.

The 'About Us' pages that we all keep in mind are the ones that truly stood out to us: maybe the page was amusing, entertaining, utilized a lot of good imagery, or anything else that made it remarkable.

Whatever it is, discover the unique points of your company and let it shine creatively in your 'About Us'. Depending upon your company' design, you can make it work to produce an 'About Us' page that sticks out versus other companies in your field.

Bear in mind that your consumers will appreciate a business that doesn't take itself too seriously. If you reveal a little humour, and uniqueness, through your 'About Us', then it reveals an eccentric side to your organisation that will appeal.

Personalise Your Page

The 2nd thing to remember when you're developing a great and reliable 'About Us' page is to customise it enough, to match you and your company. It ought to consist of details that would associate with your users and consumers. Personalisation will likewise help to show the humane side behind your business and brand name; depending on how much info you are prepared to share.

If you believe that you are a business that doesn't want to expose any individual info about you, or the individuals behind the company, then there is still a method to personalise your brand name through your 'About Us'. Think like a worldwide brand, and expose the intricate details about your business: for instance, show how You Go Designs website design your business became, and expose other interesting snippets that only your real fans would care to learn.

Inform Your Story

If your business has an especially intriguing, or unusual, back story relating to how it happened, then that would likewise be an enjoyable method to take advantage of your 'About Us' page alone.

Expose your story - the how, why, and what your company eventually stands for. This is particularly efficient if you have a brand message for your consumers, or think that your company personally has something to offer that varies from the remainder of the market.

Always keep to the reality that your 'About Us' page should not be too prolonged. You don't desire to overload your customers with too much info, or, certainly, bore them off the page.

Create a Company Timeline

Another fun method to expose all about your organisation, which will not be too verbose or dull, is through an interactive timeline.

This is also an excellent way to quickly display significant times that your organisation expanded, and highlights for your business. It keeps the tone favorable, and concentrates on how successful your organisation has become over the timeline.

Likewise, if you make it interactive, you can allow your users to click through to learn more about the turning points that they discover intriguing. This will then attract them to find out more and invest more time with your site and business.

Be Clear and Concise

Asides from placing fun and your own uniqueness into your 'About Us' page, you should remember that the main point of the page is to describe who you are. The page must, many of all, be useful and clear.

The 'About Us' page must discuss succinctly what your business does, and what the objective is, but in a fun cost and relatable way. Do not exaggerate it with the explanation, however - the best 'About Us' pages are basic and concise, making it simple for the audience to understand your organisation and your intents.

Another solid method to notify your customers helpfully is through utilizing a couple of reviews. Ask your previous customers for these and feedback - and remember to appoint their names and authority to the quotes. Testimonials will make your business look more successful and legitimate, along with quietly boasting about the strength of your customer base.

Individuals Behind Your Business

If your business wishes to be more relatable and friendly, then you might not necessarily want to focus on your company and objectives. In that case, it may be more appealing to focus your 'About Us' page on you and your staff members. Especially if you have a small team, concentrating on your staff can be a really reliable way to interest your consumers, as they can see the people working behind your organisation.

You don't need to consist of a lot of info about anybody in specific, and certainly not any really individual information. However, if you get the team member to compose short paragraphs about themselves, exposing an eccentric snippet about themselves or what they carry out in the group, then this will be enough info.

It is also important to utilize photos for every staff member, and make the images look enjoyable and distinct, in order to really reflect the feel and personality of the company. Fascinating images compliment any 'About Us' page.

We hope that you have enjoyed our examples, and ideas for how to develop an excellent 'About Us' page. Check out your own page - do you feel motivated to make the little modifications that make it really stand out?

All 'About Us' pages are various, and they ought to be developed to suit your business' personality! There are no rigorous rules, simply keep in mind to spend time and do not ignore the significance of this page.


If you require help with producing an efficient 'About Us' page, or any other part of your website, then Bright Yellow Creative can help! Contact us today to find out how we can make your organisation truly stick out, and drive traffic; increasing your customer base significantly.

Posted by rylanudwv212 at 4:53 AM EDT
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